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My Top Three WordPress Security Practices

by | Sep 4, 2020 | In the Cloud, Web Dev

WordPress security does not need substantial financial investment or innovative technical knowledge. Here’s how to enhance your site’s defense by utilizing these security practices.

Keeping Your Website Updated

WordPress launches routine software updates to enhance website efficiency and security. Updating your site is the most fundamental WordPress security practice you can do.

Remarkably, less than 50% of sites are still operating on the most recent WordPress version. If your WordPress is utilizing an older version, such as 4.x, then you put your website at a greater danger of a breach.

To see whether you have the current version of WordPress, you can browse to the Updates menu from your control panel. For the complete list of all WordPress versions, you can follow this page.

Secure Admin Logins

Among the most typical errors, many users still do, to this day is utilizing poor usernames such as “admin,” “administrator,” and “test.” Because these usernames are so universal, you should not be shocked to discover unsuccessful login attempts while checking out your WordPress site logs.

Know the network you about to use before logging into even a well-protected WordPress website. Public networks, such as a coffeehouse or school library WiFi, might not be as safe and secure as they appear. To secure your logins and web viewing, we recommend that you utilize a VPN before going on the internet from a public location.

Brute Force attacks can quickly target a WordPress website with a weak password, so it’s crucial to utilize unique logins. Try to include variations of numbers, both uppercase and lowercase letters, and unique characters and or symbols into your strong password to make it much harder for somebody to guess. Such tools as LastPass and 1Password can create strong passwords easily.

Create a new Administrator user with a unique name and password and re-login and delete any Admin users that may be at risk.

If you wish to enhance the login procedure even further, you must think about executing two-factor authentication to protect your WordPress site. This authentication technique includes a 2nd layer of WordPress security to your login page, which needs you to input a different code to finish the login procedure. This code is readily available just to you using a text or a third-party authentication app.

Moving to Secure Hosting

41% of WordPress sites are hacked due to security loopholes in their hosting accounts. One of your web hosting company’s primary function is keeping your hosting environment protected.

Security. A good web hosting company monitors its network for suspicious activity and updates its server software and applications regularly, and react timely to real-time threats.

Functions. Your hosting company should have automated backups and security tools in place to avoid malware. This is an essential function to secure your WordPress website.

Assistance. Having 24/7 support with outstanding technical knowledge to assist you is vital in dealing with any technical and security issues that might take place.

With, we make sure you have all the necessary resources and services required to secure your WordPress site.

If you believe your present web hosting service provider is undependable, it’s time to move your WordPress website to a better service.

Robert Lane

Robert Lane

I have a true passion for designing WordPress websites.  Over two decades of experience in planning, developing and implementing state of the art web-based solutions for businesses.