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What is iHomefinder IDX?


iHomefinder IDX is the perfect solution for homebuyers looking to find their next dream house. With an innovative design and easy-to-use features, this site will have you find exactly what suits your needs in no time at all!

iHomefinder IDX is the best property search out there. Most homebuyers start their hunt online, so offer a great way to find your dream house on the iHomefinder IDX listing database! iHomefinder IDX property search is innovative, sleek, and easy to use. iHomefinder IDX has a variety of features that are designed to help you convert site traffic into leads. You can customize how your visitors are guided through the process, set up multiple lead forms for them on-site or via email and SMS messaging (and even let them know about available properties), all while receiving detailed reports in real-time!

We understand that leads and clients need nurturing, but you don’t have time to reach out to all your leads daily. iHomefinder IDX provides you with a more proactive way to market your home. By providing listing emails, we enable clients the chance of seeing listings as they come on the market and need them! When you send Smart Content in drip email campaigns, each lead also receives a personalized listing targeted to them based on their search history and property views.