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How did we begin, and why the name Redflippers?

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Friends and family found it difficult to find our beach house. The street signs were hard to find, and all the houses looked just about the same making it difficult to find the place. I had an old pair of red flippers I used to snorkel with and nailed them to the mailbox post out front, thinking this would make the beach house easier to find. When someone came to visit, I would say “It’s the beach house with the pair of red flippers attached to the mailbox.”

redflippers about usIt’s the beach house with the red flippers out front!

While working out of the beach house, with the red flippers out front, we came up with new ways to bring affordable web design and services to help small businesses succeed online!

Our idea was to fill that middle ground between the small business owner trying to DIY(do-it-yourself) their online business and overly priced agencies charging tens of thousands. This gap in affordable options leaves small businesses with poor choices for online success.

As our business philosophy and ideas were born at that beach house with the red flippers out front, becoming and branding ourselves as Redflippers was an obvious choice.

Join us! Be a Redflipper!

-Robert Lane