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Why You Should Quit Twitter: The Negative Effects


Written by Laura Lane

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August 10, 2023

The Pivot from Twitter to ‘X’: A Cause for Business Reconsideration?

Most of us can still recall when Twitter burst onto the social media scene with its unique 140-character messaging structure. It was a novel concept, revolutionizing the digital world in real-time. Over time, however, Twitter has seen a significant change in its user activity, engagement, and overall appeal.

Let’s delve into a few reasons as to why rethinking our dependence on Twitter might be a worthwhile exercise for us.

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User Engagement Stats – A Deep Dive

When analyzing any platform’s viability for business use, the respective user engagement stats serve as the main key performance indicator. Amazingly, Twitter began 2019 with approximately 330 million monthly active users. According to research conducted by Statista, by the fourth quarter of 2020, this number had dropped to around 192 million users. With such a significant decrease, it’s time to ask – is Twitter still the platform we need to focus our efforts on?

Statista Twitter

Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 1st quarter 2019


Viral Content – The Odds Are Stacked

Undoubtedly, having a tweet receive viral recognition is a coveted situation for any individual or business. However, with the average U.S. social media usership of Twitter being estimated at 23% in 2021, according to Edison Research, the odds of accomplishing such a feat are diminishing rapidly. This calls for finding alternative, fertile grounds for achieving internet fame.

Cyber Trolling – Cause for Concern

A significant concern for businesses and individuals is the extent of online trolling activity on Twitter. Unfortunately, it is a frequent occurrence that can affect how potential customers perceive your business. Research by the Pew Research Center found that approximately 40% of internet users have experienced online harassment, with several reports citing Twitter as a major host platform. We must critically assess whether the platform aligns with our values and target market.

Cyber Trolling - Cause for Concern

PEW RESEARCH CENTER – Online Harassment


Enter ‘X’ – A Brand Transformation

The most recent development is Twitter’s transition into ‘X’. As reported by CBS News, the iconic Twitter.com now redirects to X.com. This unexpected rebranding in combination with Elon Musk’s new role has caused a cloud of uncertainty about the future user experience on the platform. For many businesses and individuals, this unpredictability could be problematic.

Twitter Becomes X


Should ‘X’ Be Your Marketing Platform of Choice?

As we navigate through the various evolutions within the digital landscape, it’s important to consider whether ‘X’ aligns with our business marketing objectives.

Here are a few factors to deliberate:

Evolution in Platform Structure

Twitter had established itself as a valuable conduit for customer interaction and business engagement. However, its transformation into ‘X,’ aiming to become a comprehensive platform for various services, complicatedly broadens the scope of interactions. This development requires businesses to sift through a vast array of content to connect with their audiences effectively. We must contemplate whether this increasingly complex environment aligns with our ability to maintain clear communication with our customers.

Trust and Brand Recognition

A fundamental element of successful business marketing is trust between a brand and its audience. The metamorphosis of Twitter into ‘X,’ alongside Elon Musk’s involvement, possesses the potential to either disrupt or enhance this trust factor, given the uncertainties around the platform’s future direction. It is crucial for businesses to gauge how these changes might influence their customer’s trust and brand engagement.

Consideration of Optimal Marketing Fit

In assessing whether ‘X’ offers the right marketing fit, we must consider the platform’s ongoing attempts to reposition itself. While maneuvering through these transformations, businesses must think about their alignment with their marketing objectives.

Exploring Alternatives to ‘X’

As the digital landscape is continually evolving, so too are the platforms available for businesses like ours to reach our audiences. If ‘X’ is no longer the optimal space for your digital presence, it is worth exploring other channels that may offer engaging alternatives.

Social Media Alternatives


Potential Alternatives

Here are preferred platforms that diversify your social media marketing strategy:


Primarily a visual platform, Instagram provides an array of features to captivate an audience. From Stories to IGTV, Shopping, and Reels, it offers great prospects for delivering vibrant and creative content, making it ideal for businesses emphasizing visual appeal.


As a renowned professional networking platform, LinkedIn can help augment business reputability. From creating a compelling business page to forming valuable connections or publishing thought leadership content, LinkedIn could be a significant asset to professional service businesses.


Our old reliable, Facebook, can be a versatile tool for connective marketing. With varied features such as Business Pages, Groups, Ads, and Events, businesses can tailor strategies to reach a vast user base effectively.


If your business is targeting a younger demographic, TikTok may be the key. Its innovative and engaging content can help businesses tap into the Gen Z and millennial markets, enabling the building of consumer relationships in fresh and trend-aligned ways.

Choosing The Right Alternative

The decision to select an alternative platform should align with your business values and target audience. A careful analysis of potential platforms allows us to establish a robust online presence that caters to our specific business needs. However, adopting a multi-platform approach could also increase the scope of audience engagement and potential business growth.

Choosing the Right Platform: A Positive Conclusion

Entrepreneurs, we’ve traveled the landscape of major social media platforms together, uncovering their distinct features and potential for business growth. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, each offers a unique path to generating engagement and expanding our reach.

Moving beyond the familiar ‘X’ and navigating uncharted waters may seem daunting initially. However, confronting change is often the crux of innovation and progress, especially within the dynamic world of digital marketing. By applying our adaptability and resilience, we can ensure that we, as small business owners, not only keep afloat but also flourish in this environment.

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