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On Target Social & Search Marketing

It requires a lot of time to identify a marketing strategy for your business. Just about when you think you’ve it figured out, it all changes. Online marketing can be confusing, complex, and loaded with risks. We’re here to help!

On Target Social & Search Marketing

No Guessing, Just the Facts.

We take the guess work out of marketing

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for a while, Redflippers has an unbeatable marketing strategy for your business no matter what stage you’re in.

Mobile & Desktop Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Targets

Today’s consumers are driven by the experience. This shift from selling products to an even more immersive and personalized level of customer service requires a company that has been able to connect at every digital touchpoint, not just with their wallets but also hearts!


Search Engine Optimization

With more than one billion daily searches through Google alone, the need for prominent visibility is critical.


Make your web pages fast on all devices!

The foundation for any successful website is its ability to be viewed by any device and perform at a consistently high-speed level.


Social Media Marketing

The amount of time people spend socializing on social media is constantly increasing, let us help you mingle.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing still has a considerable role in how most websites operate and how they communicate with their target audience

A Full Service Website Design Firm.

We design, build and maintain your business’s online presence to create a powerful brand identity that gets you results!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a way to make your site more visible on the internet. Whether you are looking for increased traffic or want people searching for a business like yours, our SEO services can help!

By optimizing your website and off-site properties, you’re giving search engines a clear message on who you are. This clarity leads to a higher ranking in the SERPs (search engine results page), which will result in more organic web traffic for potential customers!

When you work with Redflippers, your website will be audited for search engine optimization. This is a baseline audit to help craft the overall plan of attack on how we can make sure that people are finding and successful in their interactions with our client’s sites!

performance optimization, search engine optimization

Mobile & Desktop Optimization

The foundation for any successful website is its ability to be viewed by any device and perform at a consistently high-speed level. Responsiveness and page speed are critical ranking factors and significant for SERP (search engine results page) like Google.

Pages with a longer load time have a higher bounce rate and lower time on the page, lowering your conversions.

Website speed (and, as a result, page speed) is one of many signals used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages. A slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages, negatively affecting the number of indexed pages.

performance optimization, search engine optimization
performance optimization, search engine optimization, social media marketing

Social Media Marketing and Your Business

Redflippers’ Social Media Marketing can help spread the word about your products and services. We will not only get the word out, but we can manage your social media channels, create and update content and track the results, leaving you free to run your business.

Maximized Traffic
Social Media Marketing does not just gain you followers; it shares your brand’s message that will increase visitors and generate new customers and referrals.

Maximized Exposure
Effective Social Media Marketing places your brand in front of your target audience. We can help grow your brand by leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Social Media Marketing and Your Business

We create emails your subscribers want!

Email marketing is one of the earliest and most crucial forms of internet marketing. During the beginning of the world wide web, before the appearance of social networking sites, email marketing was regarded as a critical method for selling online.

Today, email marketing still has a considerable role in how most websites operate and communicate with their target audience.

Let us help you sell more products online, generate qualified leads, drive traffic to your stores, entertain your customers or educate them.

Social Media Marketing and Your Business

Marketing Highlights

Interested in more leads? We can help you find them! Our team offers a full suite of marketing services to generate the best chance possible that your potential customers will convert into sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Programmatic SEO

We take your business to the next level with high-quality content and landing pages. We will help you get more customers for a more extended period of time!

On Page SEO

We know how to make your website stand out for both search engines and users. From content, images – everything in between!

Local SEO

Get found in your area, including Google Maps and Yelp. A perfect way to advertise for small businesses or service-based companies!

eCommerce SEO

We are the key to your success in eCommerce. Our SEO services for online stores will help you get found by potential customers looking to buy!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channels

Your business deserves to be seen on all of the most popular social media sites. Let our team handle it so that you can focus on running your company!

Engaging Content

We’ll make sure you stay top-of-mind with targeted content, tailored messaging, innovative scheduling tools – all in a way that drives leads to action!

Professional Mangement

A professionally managed social presence allows us to monitor and control the user experience when they encounter your business and brand.

Measure Up

 We never stop measuring the results of our social strategy and pushing you to places or platforms based on our metrics.

Newsletter Marketing

High Value

You’re not satisfied until your customers are! We specialize in creating brand loyalty with emails that make subscribers want more.

Beautiful Newsletters

Give your brand an edge with professionally designed newsletters that match your brand and message.


Let us help you sell more products online, generate qualified leads, drive traffic to your stores, entertain your customers or educate them.


Campaign results in real-time so that we can take action on what’s working, highlighting areas for improvement and correcting any issues before they arise.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social media is just about one of the easiest ways to promote your brand and get in front of potential customers. An active and engaging social channel creates credibility, builds a loyal following of brand advocates and transmits signals of relevancy to search engines.

  • Discovery

    During the discovery phase, our team will conduct a full audit of your current social media standing. We will also find out who’s talking about you, where potential clients are and what opportunities exist for your business and brand.

    We will communicate with you to discuss objectives and create a personalized strategy that will engage potential customers on the right social media channels.

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