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Unleash Your Sales with WordPress & Ecommerce

Ecommerce is not just a trend, but the new norm. When paired with WordPress, it transforms your website into an online store effortlessly.
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WooCommerce and Prodigy Commerce

Ecommerce Your Way at Redflippers

Your Pathway to Ultimate Ecommerce Success: Prodigy Commerce’s Hassle-Free, Streamlined Experience or the Unbridled Power of WooCommerce’s Customizations and Capabilities!

Prodigy Commerce

Maximized Success with Prodigy Commerce

Discover a game-changing alternative to WooCommerce with Prodigy Commerce – a robust ecommerce solution crafted exclusively for WordPress. Streamlined product and order management, seamless WordPress integration, and an ecommerce solution built specifically for high efficiency and productivity.


Streamlined Product Management Tools

Say goodbye to the confusing array of tabs on WooCommerce. Efficient and user-friendly tools streamline your product management process, saving you precious time and effort.


Stress-Free Shipping and Fraud Payments

Running an online store shouldn’t feel like navigating a ship through a storm. Prodigy Commerce’s integrated solutions for fraud payments and shipping streamline order management, making your journey much smoother. 


A Power Pair: WordPress-Specific eCommerce Solution

Unleash the power of robust ecommerce capabilities combined with superior WordPress content management and design. Prodigy Commerce’s solution is custom-tailored for WordPress, making your online presence brighter and bolder.


Saving your Time and Budget: Carefully Chosen Integrations

Skip the ordeal of working with additional plugins, extensions, and third-party services. With carefully chosen integrations include top-rated partners, saving you costs and providing you with a cost-friendly, all-inclusive ecommerce solution.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with WooCommerce

Experience the perfect blend of power, flexibility, and user-friendly interface with WooCommerce – an all-encompassing ecommerce platform built specifically for WordPress. Woo your customers with a world of customizable themes, multiple payment gateways, and extensive integration capabilities.


Built for WordPress

Seamlessly integrates with your existing WordPress site, creating a unified, efficient ecommerce experience.


Customizable Themes

Choose from a wide array of free and premium themes to create an online store that truly reflects your brand’s identity.


Multiple Payment Gateways

Provide your customers with secure and diverse payment options, thanks to WooCommerce’s support for many popular payment gateways.


Broad Integration Capabilities

Enhance your store’s functionalities with the endless integration possibilities available on WooCommerce through numerous plugins and extensions.


Scalability for Growth

WooCommerce accommodates growth effortlessly with scalable options, ensuring your store can grow alongside your business with no hiccups.


WooCommerce vs Prodigy Commerce Features Comparison

Dive into our comparison of WooCommerce and Prodigy Commerce. This table defines key features, helping you choose the right ecommerce solution for your WordPress site.

Platform Type
Ease of Use
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Advanced Analytics
Fraud Analysis Tool
Customer Support Availability
Open-source plugin for WordPress
Free, cost associated with various add-ons
Moderate due to numerous extensions
Requires many plugins and extensions
Self-hosted, needing reliable provider
Self-hosted with various add-ons
On your own domain name
Uses WordPress SEO
Requires paid add-on
Requires paid add-on
Requires paid add-on
Primarily through support forums
Prodigy Commerce
Hosted, available as a simple WordPress plugin
Completely free at all levels of scale
Simplified, streamlined user experience
Less bloat, minimal to no plugins needed
WordPress hosting for the frontend, AWS for ecommerce backend
Hosted solution with built-in security
Via a Prodigy subdomain
Handled in WordPress
Integrated with ShipEngine
Integrated with Google Analytics
Integrated with MaxMind minFraud
Phone, email, online chat support offered

Whether you choose the adaptability of WooCommerce or the simplicity of Prodigy Commerce, Redflippers ensures your ecommerce success with our expert web design and development, user-friendly support that makes navigating either platform a breeze.

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