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Product Management

Simplified, Easy-To-Use Product Management

Prodigy Commerce simplifies product management for store owners by offering all necessary tools and powerful, easy-to-use settings!

Product Management

Simplify Your Product Management!

Say Goodbye to WooCommerce’s Confusing Tabs!

Streamline your product management process, allowing you to easily manage your inventory and sales with a straightforward interface. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by too many options and wasting time trying to figure out where everything is. With Prodigy and Redflippers, you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Encourage your customers to upgrade to more expensive or profitable products while shopping, and increase sales by showcasing related products after checkout.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Import and Export

Import your complete product catalog and easily customize your frontend experience. The export feature allows you to download your entire product catalog.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Create Variants

Automatically generate all possible variant combinations,  store owners can use the visibility setting to hide individual or bulk variants that are not available for sale.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Add Images

Easily add images to your product pages by uploading or dragging-and-dropping them. Crop and adjust the dimensions as needed.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Set Prices

Simply enter the regular price you plan to sell each item for. Whenever you’re running a sale, flip the “on sale” switch which will allow you to enter a sale price and an optional sale period.

Add up-sells and cross-sells

Manage Inventory

Easily track inventory by SKU and allow backorders with a flip of a switch. Hide out-of-stock items or display them with a specific message about the quantity available.

Build and Showcase Your Product Catalog with Ease

Building and showcasing your product catalog has never been easier!

In just a few clicks and switch flips, you can effortlessly display your entire product catalog on your storefront. Every variant comes complete with unique images, making your products ready for sale and visually appealing to your customers.

build catalog 1

Order Management

Integrations allow for a streamlined daily workflow from a single dashboard, where store owners can assess fraud risk, process payments, print shipping labels, and fulfill orders all in one place.


Our platform has natively built-in recurring payment options that allow for unlimited plan and condition customization. The storefront presentation is fully customizable, providing complete control over branding and messaging for subscription services.

Optimize Search

Optimize your product pages and category pages by customizing the title, description, and URL to improve the search engine ranking and visibility of your products.

Drag-and-drop Categories

Easily search and rearrange categories with drag-and-drop functionality for a more efficient and customizable storefront presentation.

An Ecommerce solution built specifically for WordPress

Leverage WordPress’s content management and design prowess, paired with Prodigy Commerce’s robust ecommerce and security, united by a single open-source WordPress plugin.

checkout systems


Optimized shopping experiences with responsive design, security, and cart recovery tools.

order management

Order Management

Simplify workflow with a unified dashboard for risk assessment, payments, shipping, and fulfillment.

subscription management


Easily sell recurring products with built-in, customizable features and unlimited plans.



No need for additional plugins, extensions, dashboards, or third-party services. Included!

Maximize Store Appeal with Unlimited Design Options

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