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Order Management

Streamlined Workflow with a Unified Dashboard!

Effortlessly manage risk assessment, payments, shipping, and fulfillment all in one place. Simplify your operations and boost efficiency with our intuitive order management system.
Order Management

Simplify Your Workflow and Save Time

Simplified Workflow, Enhanced Efficiency

Effortlessly manage fraud detection, payment processing, and shipping logistics all in one convenient dashboard. Unlike WooCommerce, you won’t need to toggle between multiple platforms.

Analyze Risk

Analyze Risk

MaxMind minFraud integration allows store owners to decide whether to accept an order based on its risk level, indicated with a visual cue (Low: green, Medium: yellow, High: red), along with its numeric risk score and specific factors considered.

Analyze Risk

Manage Payments

Select automatic or manual payment capture. In case of a manual capture failure, use the “Reauthorize” button, and if that fails, send a payment method update request to the customer with the “Request Update” button.

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Handle Shipping

Prodigy’s ShipEngine integration enables store owners to buy and print USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping labels on our platform. They can also get a free Stamps.com account for USPS postage discounts, without needing an expensive ShipStation account.

Analyze Risk

Process Returns and Refunds

Simplified returns and refunds for store owners and customers. The store settings enable a “Return” button in each order, which generates return labels that can be printed or emailed. After safely receiving the items, store owners can click the “Refund” button.

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Create Draft Orders

Easily create orders through in-person, phone, or email transactions. Use draft orders to find items, select shipping methods, save orders, request customer payment via email, or manually add payment details.

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Search, Sort, and Filter

Finding orders is effortless for store owners with our search functionality. Search using keywords like customer name, order number, or product details. Sort by order number, date, or total in any order. Use filters to view all, open, unpaid, or unfulfilled orders.

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Prodigy logs every step of the order process, from placement to fulfillment, including email confirmation, payment authorization, payment capture, and more. This feature enables store owners to review the history of each order and add notes.

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Improve your organization by archiving old or unnecessary orders. Archived orders are grayed out but can be easily unarchived when needed.

Analyze Risk


Store owners can export their order list as a CSV file for printing, sharing with stakeholders, or storing in their files. The file is compatible with Excel, Numbers, and other supported spreadsheet tools.

An Ecommerce solution built specifically for WordPress

Leverage WordPress’s content management and design prowess, paired with robust eCommerce and security, united by a single open-source plugin.

Product Management

Product Management

Efficiently manage your products using a comprehensive suite of essential tools.

checkout systems


Optimized shopping experiences with responsive design, security, and cart recovery tools.

subscription management


Easily sell recurring products with built-in, customizable features and unlimited plans.



No need for additional plugins, extensions, dashboards, or third-party services. Included!

Maximize Store Appeal with Unlimited Design Options

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