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Subscription Management

Enjoy Built-in Subscription Options at No Extra Cost!

Unlike other platforms like WooCommerce, where you would need to purchase an additional plugin costing $199 per year
Subscription Management

The Best Value in Subscription Management

Discover the Power of Built-in Subscription Options without the Additional Cost

Take full control of your subscription-based business and seamlessly manage recurring payments, customer renewals, and subscription plans directly from our platform. Say goodbye to costly add-ons and unlock the power of integrated subscription management

Create Plans

Create Plans

Create unlimited subscription plans with an unlimited number of conditions for each plan, giving you maximum flexibility as a store owner.

Create Plans

Set Conditions

Customize the subscription interval, frequency, and discount with ease. Set it to days, weeks, months, or years and add a fixed or percentage discount. Set the subscription duration to either “Valid Until Canceled” or “Ends After a Certain Number of Charges”.

Create Plans

Attach Products

Avoid creating new product pages for recurring offerings by attaching previously created products or services to a subscription plan. This is especially efficient for large stores.

Create Plans

Allow One-time Purchase

This is a “subscribe and save” feature that can be easily enabled or disabled for each subscription plan, with a clean and compelling storefront presentation.

Create Plans

Automate Emails

Emails are sent to subscribers and store owners when a subscription is activated, expired, cancelled, or pending. The email content can be customized by store owners.

Create Plans

Manage Subscriptions

Complete control at the customer level. They can edit conditions like interval, period, duration, or next run date, as well as adjust the price, quantity, shipping method, address, payment method, or add a discount upon customer request.

Create Plans

Search and Filter

Prodigy simplifies finding subscriptions for store owners. Easily search by customer name, subscription number, or product name. Apply instant filters to reveal all subscriptions, payment failed subscriptions, or active subscriptions.

Create Plans

Presentation on Storefront

Customize WordPress templates with CSS to display multiple subscription periods and a one-time order option. All subscriptions come with a “Subscribe and Save” label that can be overridden or customized.

Create Plans

Presentation in Cart

Customers get a purchase summary displaying subscription frequency, duration, and next billing date. Store owners can boost AOV by adding subscription and one-time purchase products to the same cart.

An Ecommerce solution built specifically for WordPress

Leverage WordPress’s content management and design prowess, paired with robust eCommerce and security, united by a single open-source plugin.

Product Management

Product Management

Efficiently manage your products using a comprehensive suite of essential tools.

checkout systems


Optimized shopping experiences with responsive design, security, and cart recovery tools.

Order Management

Order Management

Simplify workflow with a unified dashboard for risk assessment, payments, shipping, and fulfillment.



No need for additional plugins, extensions, dashboards, or third-party services. Included!

Maximize Store Appeal with Unlimited Design Options

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