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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Written by Robert Lane

I have a true passion for website and business development. Over two decades of experience planning, developing and implementing state-of-the-art web-based solutions for businesses.

November 16, 2022

Digital marketing (or online marketing) is all those advertising or commercial actions or activities displayed in the media and on the Internet. This phenomenon first began in the ’90s as a way to transfer offline marketing into the digital realm.

With how fast computers and digital technology development, online promotion quickly follows! It has constantly been undergoing fundamental changes regarding the tools and tactics utilized and the possibilities it offers to the receivers.

Let’s take a glimpse!

How online marketing was born: from web 1.0 to web 2.0

The first online marketing was based entirely on Web 1.0 pages. It imitated advertising from traditional media (television, radio, paper) to the first Web pages, which did not allow bidirectional communication with users. The advertisers controlled the message and limited themselves to exposing it to the audience.

The Web 1.0 stage mainly used moving images or videos of different products and services in an online catalog. Despite how limited it was, this promotion method highlighted the strengths of its style, which could potentially reach all corners of the globe, plus the capacity for organizing the contents and updates and the use of different media, such as text, image, and motion picture.

But, in a few years, an online revolution took place. A significant technological development increase also allowed for the Interne expansion! Web 2.0 was created, and, with it, Marketing 2.0. And what a change!

From this point on, it became possible for everyone to share and access information easily through social networks, communities, or databases, enabling the exchange of previously unavailable materials, such as photos and videos.

The Internet went from merely a tool for searching for information into a prominent social networking community. Today, the network is understood as a means to spread info in two methods. Feedback is therefore also crucial and fundamental between brands and users, with the advantages and issues that this carries.

Tools of digital marketing

Digital marketing gives us a broad selection of tools available, which can cost as little as nothing to costly strategies. With this, an infinite number of resources and techniques can be combined.

Web or blog

Certain websites or blogs are crucial tools to base a marketing campaign using an internet strategy or inbound marketing (digital marketing plan to attract users to potential customers by providing them with helpful content that stands apart from advertising).

However, the fact your website or blog is the central axis to using other digital platforms to boost the visibility of your campaigns does not mean exclusivity. Facebook and other media can be combined with other methods to give more visibility to the campaigns.

You’ll also have to make other choices besides whether you want a niche site or a blog. For example, what domain will you use, where will you host your page, how will the site architecture be, what content will it have, how will you create it, and what methods will you use to get people to your site?

Search engines

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, allow Internet users to find content related to what they are looking for. To ensure that your website is successfully placed in the top search engines, perform organic placing (search engine optimization) or paid positioning (search engine marketing) in your digital strategy.

Display advertising

This is the cornerstone of digital marketing. Think of it as billboard advertisements (banners) on the Internet. These ads can be of different shapes and forms (text, images, graphics, video) that appear on websites in attractive and eye-catching ways.

Email marketing

Regardless of age, email is still effective as a way of communication. It has additional advantages due to its ability to work with other tactics, such as monitoring and nutrition of leads (lead nurturing). Email marketing can be set up to use either internal or external databases, from which mailing lists are generated in the form of newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, online courses, etc.

Social networks

You may have noticed that these platforms and social media have not plateaued and have rapidly continued to grow as time has passed. They are also very smoothly adapted to people’s habits and the needs of customers and continue to get smarter. Social networks are effective at disseminating content and creating a brand community, branding, online shopping, crisis management, and customer service. In many of them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), there is also the possibility of launching targeted online advertising campaigns, which can complement any online strategy.

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